Sunday, May 8, 2011

-22 Days: Preparations for Israel

In addition to writing about archaeological and historical items that interest me, I will be using this blog also to write about my participation on the first season of excavations at Huqoq in the Galilee.  Huqoq is located approximately 2 miles from the Sea of Galilee and is just over two miles from both Migdal (located to the south and the hometown of Mary Magdalene) and Capernum (located to the north and where Jesus and his disciples began their ministry).

The amount of specific information that I will be able to share from the dig site will be minimal.  Because Huqoq is a new site, this means that our excavation will be geared towards eventual publication.  I do not have the rights to the information that we uncover.  I will be able to speak in generalities, however, and look forward to sharing my experiences, particularly what life is like on a dig.  If you have any questions about archaeology, field methods, or life on a dig, please feel free to ask.

If you would like to read about my experience last summer working at the 'Ayn Gharandal Archaeology Project in Jordan, please click the following link to the travel blog that I kept:

I am still 22 days away from leaving, and for now, I am just making a list of things that I need to take with me and am trying to locate items (like my trowel) that I have packed away.  My passport was luckily easy enough to find this year.  As our departure date of May 30 draws nearer, I will write more about the region in which we will be digging and some of the activities that we will be doing away from the dig.  Thanks for reading.