Friday, May 25, 2012

-5 Days: Return to Huqoq

This summer, we will begin the second season of excavations at Huqoq in the Galilee of Israel.  My excitement continues to build as our May 30 travel date continues to approach.  A vast majority of my oversea travels have begun with a solitary experience of flying alone to my destination.  I am glad that I will be heading over with two friends who I both dug with last year and sat alongside in class this year.  I will meet up with Caroline Carter in Nashville for our flight to Newark, and we will then meet up with Jocelyn Burney in New Jersey for our flight to Tel Aviv.  In addition to our flights together, the three of us will also likely work in the same area again.  We will hopefully not be sick of one another by the end of the dig because the three of us will then travel for two weeks in Jerusalem where we will spend our second week participating in the filming of an IMAX documentary about the city of Jerusalem.  A trailer for the documentary can be viewed here: .

I am fortunate to be serving a new role this summer that the directors of the dig have created:  assistant square supervisor.  There will be two-three of us and or job will be to help run a square in our respective areas.  Each of us will work under an area supervisor to help facilitate the opening of new squares in some of the areas.  I will return to the same area in which I worked last summer--the ancient Palestinian village in Area 2000.  With a new position comes new responsibilities.  I will be keeping an excavation journal with daily drawings and descriptions of our square.  What else our supervisors will require of us will be revealed upon our arrival.

Our second season of excavations at Huqoq will undoubtedly be as exciting as the first.  I will try to update this blog more frequently with shorter entries covering a wide range of topics, possibly including  anything from archaeological methodology to what music we are listening to in our square.

We are five days from leaving, but I have already begun to pack:

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