Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 7: Reaching the Threshold

Our free time the past few days has comprised of eating, napping, and more eating.  We will be washing pottery in about 20 minutes so this entry will be a short one.
 On Tuesday after the dig, a group of us went into the nearby city of Tiberias.  We spent two hours walking around, taking in the sites, sounds, and tastes of the town.  My favorite part can be seen in the picture below:  shawarma.  It is a pitta stuffed with chicken shaved off a rack further stuffed with tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus, spices, and french fries.  Declisious.

Yesterday following the dig, we enjoyed a numismatic lecture on ancient coins.  It was very exciting to pass around coins from as early as the 1st c. B.C.E. and as late as the 1920's British Mandate period.  Also starting yesterday, the Dan the cermacist (or Dan Dan the Pottery Man as he is affetionatly called) has allowed a few of us to start helping him sort pottery in the afternoons.  In exchange for our efforts (often misguided), Dan has been teaching us about ancient pottery.  I have been furiously taking notes and pictures of different forms and types and feel like I can actually tell a couple of types.

As far as the dig goes, our progress downward has slowed dramatically.  Luckily, this is a good thing because we have come down on a few walls, one of which contains a door jamb and threshold.  Whether this is a door or not remains to be seen because the stone could have been taken from an earlier building and used to construct a wall.  Below are a couple of pictures from a square from today.

Tomorrow is the last day of the dig before Shabbat, our weekly day of rest.  We will be traveling to Tel Dan and Banias on Saturday, two very exciting archaeological sites.  Three of us also are talking about traveling to Caesarea Maratima in another week to SCUBA dive in the archaeological park there, a submerged marina of Herod the Great.