Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Season in the Books

Yesterday morning, the volunteers and staff of the Huqoq Excavation Project headed our separate ways as our 2013 dig season officially ended.  Some flew back to where they called home, while others set out to travel.  A group of us headed for Jerusalem, where I am now staying until Monday. A drive for the extended stay was to see the Herod the Great exhibit in the Israel Museum. 

The closing of a dig can be a stressful endeavor. It involves a lot of dirt, a lot of packing heavy tools, and a lot of time in the sun. This year, however, the amount of stress was easily levied by the group of volunteers who pitched in to help. The two days of work were almost completed in one, which allowed time for a few antics and a bit more rest.

      Jocelyn moving dirt to help backfill our square. This is a measure taken to help preserve the site.

A kibbutz dog who followed us to the site had an affinity for tuna juice. Bryan was happy to share.

After arriving in Jerusalem yesterday morning, we settled at our hostel for a bit and then headed to the Israel Museum. No matter how many visits I will make to the museum, I am sure there will always be more to see. It is incredible standing before artifacts that, "changed the game" in the worlds of social sciences and archaeology. The feeling was no different this year.

The plans for today are to head to the market just down from our hostel with Shua and head to her family's house later tonight to again enjoy a generous invitation to a Shabbat meal